Good Friday Thoughts

He was rejected. I, too, have felt rejection, but not to the point of death.

He was mocked. I am mocked for my faith, my faith in Him.

He was abused. I have felt emotional abuse, and was once physically abused.

He was tried and found guilty, though He was innocent. I have been accused of being guilty, when I was innocent and falsely accused.

He offended others as a stumbling block, while taking no offense at other’s actions. I offend others when I share about Him, but I take offense at other’s actions, when I shouldn’t.

He was beaten, just short of the point of death. I have never been beaten.

He was crucified. A painful death. A horrible death. I may be persecuted for my faith in years to come, could be martyred, if society continues as it is, but I will never be crucified.

He rose from the grave. I will rise from my grave at the Judgement Day.

He reigns in heaven. I will reign with Him in heaven one day.

He and I have much in common, though I have suffered far less than He.

How can I complain, or whine? How can I take offense? How can I be slow to forgive? He suffered so much more and didn’t complain or whine or take offense.

Love. I just don’t love enough. He loves with a depth that I can’t imagine. He wasn’t selfish like me. He didn’t let the hurt fester and turn to anger like me. He didn’t procrastinate doing what needed to be done like me. I just don’t love enough. He loves so much. He gave so much.

I need to feel His love for the Father, His love for others, His unselfish, unoffendable, loving care for everyone.

Give me Jesus’ love.

Joy took Him to the cross. Love kept Him on the cross until IT was finished. Because of that, we can have Peace with God.


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