I want to be a Tethered Christian, not a Cordless Christian

I’ve been living my life as if I have a cordless connection to Jesus. It is as if I think I can recharge my batteries and then go through my day with that power in me, rather than staying connected, tethered, to Jesus every moment. I’ve been living disconnected without even realizing it.

The image I have is from photography. When capturing images in real time, the camera can be tethered to a computer with software running that immediately reveals the image on the
computer screen for instant review. The photographer can see at that moment if any adjustments or changes need to be made. If not tethered, the photographer must wait until the images are loaded on the computer, often a day later, to see if the images are good. Many times it is too late to recapture corrections after the fact.

It’s the difference between a Sunday only Christian and one who lives “In His Presence” every moment. I have been Cordless, like a rechargeable power tool or other technical gadget. We live in a cordless technical wonder world. It is a crisis if our phone dies mid-day because we forgot to recharge it, or we scramble to find an outlet or wonder if we have our cord with us when we travel. A job becomes tedious if the power tool battery dies in the middle of a job and we have to wait until its recharged before we can finish.

My life with Jesus has been much like the phone that dies mid-day or the power tool that doesn’t have enough juice to get the job done. And what happens when the cordless device has no power? It stops functioning, like I stop relying on God for strength and wisdom.

I want to be a Tethered Christian. Now. Today. I want to abide. I want to trust more. I want His Strength to be my strength today. I want Him to guide my decisions, my words, my thoughts. I do not want to be cut off from the vine!

Lord, make it so. I acknowledge my sin. I confess my need. You, and You alone. I do not have the strength or wisdom to make the right decisions every moment of my day. Help me today to stay tethered to You!


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