Tethered With A Golden Braid

The Cordless Christian devotion had convicted me. I prayed and asked the Lord to tether me to Him. On the way to church, I sang. I sang new songs. I sang words from the liturgy to new melodies. I asked the Lord to change my heart.

I remember one song- “I want to worship with the heavenly host!”

I had projector, and there were a few problems that seemed to interrupt my worship, yet I kept my focus, or rather, the Lord kept me in Him.

During prayer time, one of the Elders said that the Lord wants us to be tethered to Him and those that wanted this should come forward for prayer.

Pastor prayed for me. Then I rested in Yahweh. I saw a golden braid being connected to the depths of my belly. Yahweh said it was connected to the place where His Name was written. He tied the knots that secured the braid. The other end of the braid was in heaven, tied to the throne of Yahweh. The braid had rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds woven into it. The Lord assured me it was long enough to tether me wherever I went. While I rested, I worshipped with the heavenly host!

Even today, I can feel the tether in place. it is a connection, a sense of Presence, a warmth of peace.

The Word I had yesterday was, “All is well. Be at peace. All is well in the Kingdom of God. You are the Kingdom of God. You reign with Me. All is well! Be at peace!”. I feel the Word in the tether today. I feel that sense of peace, that He is in control. Another person followed this Word with “Rejoice!”. It is right and good that we rejoice! For He has all things in His Hands. And all is well!


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