Visit to the Throne Room of God

I visited the throne room of God Sunday morning at the retreat. I sensed the angels coming in the room. A lot of angels coming into the room. I heard one of them say- “You know what to do when the glory–falls?” And between the words glory and falls, I went down to my face on the floor. It was a choice, not a Spirit-powered fall. It was obedience. In His presence, I fall on my face.

I don’t remember details. I know that it went from being a choice, to being in the Spirit and seeing dreamlike visions. The images would start out looking like drawings or sketches, then I would “know” what I was seeing and the drawing would become a bit more detailed.

I heard throughout the vision the angels crying “Holy, Holy”, singing, shouting, dancing and declaring His Holiness. That was always in the background.

The throne room was immense. It was gold, or the Glory filling it was gold colored. I couldn’t see a ceiling. I couldn’t really make out the walls, they were so far away.

I saw rainbows, multiple rainbows, through out the throne room. At one point I realized they were the result of the Light refracting from the diamond facets of gems, scattered all about.

I saw people, but they were not distinct, more like shadows or blurred from my vision.

I felt the Weight of Glory more than I saw the Light of Glory. The weight was pressed down on me on the floor but it didn’t hurt.

At times in the vision, I would stop seeing and start worshipping, crying out Holy, Holy.

At one point I was in a room filled with angels and a desk of sorts. The angels were vying to be assigned to attend the next retreat of this group of marvelous women! They were making travel reservations/plans to come next year. They love to worship with us!

Holy, Holy
Lord of Glory!
Who is and was
And is to come!

I know there was more. I don’t remember the details now about the other visions I had. I must trust I have either remembered what I needed to, or that I will remember more later.

When I got up, it was because I sensed that I was to write. I thought it was a song that Dawn was going to be given, but it was a poem, Angels Usher Him In.

During the ministry time that followed worship, I was in the throne room. At times I had to sing, and everyone in the room sang with me. Holy, Holy! I couldn’t NOT worship His holiness with song. There were times when I closed my eyes as others were praying, and I sang in my heart about the holiness of God.

Diane read a passage from the Bible with such anointing! I felt the Word reverberating and resounding throughout the Throne Room! The application of power resounded in my spirit.

I had seen the clouds on the way to the retreat, with a large opening of sun coming through. I stopped to take a picture. It was like a prophecy of an open heaven!

24 hours later, I’m still sensing the presence of heaven, of the throne room. I have a foot in the world and a foot at the throne room of God.

I think part of the reason that God’s mercy allowed me to visit the throne room was because of Jary’s teaching on heaven that followed the ministry time. What she shared, I had just experienced first hand, in part. It was a confirmation of what I had experienced. Without it, my logical mind might have argued about the reality of it all and spent time analyzing her words. And I’m still learning to take my thoughts captive, so I might not have stepped into the teaching with my whole heart like I did. As it was, I was filled with joy and anticipation!

I’ve never been gifted in receiving poems before. I don’t know if this is something new or the anointing of the retreat. I got a poem for Erin, which by faith and much courage from the Spirit, I was able to step out, and in the faith that I would get and hear the words as they were spoken to me, to speak them to her. Definitely stepping out in faith! I got a poem after being on the floor, “Angels Usher Him In.” And then, when I sent out an email to those who attended about getting me their photos, I started typing and the poem “I Just Want to Sing.”

I don’t want to come down from the mountain. Can I just stay up here and put up a tent and not go back yet? I don’t want to loose this connection, but the world surrounds me. I feel like there is a bubble of protection that is making the world seem unreal, blurred somehow. All I want to do is think upon what I learned, saw, experienced, felt. I made tea and breakfast; I was functional. I don’t know about the rest of my day yet, however!


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