What A Difference An Apostrophe Makes!

Pure Light

Love’s Pure Light

How many times in my life have I sung Silent Night? How many times have I read the lyrics as I sang this carol. And yet today, an apostrophe gave me pause. What a difference it makes!

In the third verse, the words start:

Silent night, holy night,
Son of God, love’s pure light

Not “loves” the verb, but “love’s” the noun. So, I always thought, Jesus, the Son of God, loves the purity of the light of God. But that’s not what it means with an apostrophe.

“Love’s” is a possessive noun. In grammar, we use the apostrophe a few ways: omission of letter, possession and for some plurals. In this case, you have to ask whose love possesses pure light. So I go to math.

Son of God = Jesus
God = Love

Love’s pure light becomes God’s pure light.

So, Jesus is God’s Pure Light. Or Jesus is Pure Light.

Quite a bit of a difference from Jesus loving pure light.


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