Re could be “in reference to” or “regarding”, but it really is a pet name my dad used to call me. Re was short for Rebecca and Dad was the only person who ever called me that. The times he used the name I remember tenderness, care, and affection. So today, when the Lord spoke to me about “refocus, remember, and remind” I remembered the name Re my dad used for me.

I have had an infection in my salivary gland and have been on antibiotics for 6-8 weeks now. I asked a friend what might be the spiritual meaning behind this infection. He reminded me that the salivary glands predigest food that is then sent on to the stomach where nutrients flow to all parts of the body. He suggested that I meditate on the Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to show me [remind me] how to meditate.

In doing this this morning and throughout the day, I was struck with all the “re” words that applied to me, or needed to apply to me.

  • remember
  • repent
  • remind
  • refocus
  • reconcile
  • reform
  • re-experience
  • rebirth
  • resolute
  • restore

There are more, but these are the “re” words that come to mind first. And all of this reminded me of the pet name my dad called me, Re. So My Father in heaven used this memory to let me know of His love, affection, tenderness and care for me today.